Have a problem that bugs you in the Agriculture space? We are Clever engineers here doing just that
Remote Sensors
One of the 8 deadly wastes is ‘excess motion’. Going out to check on a pump can start out as a nice break and soon turn into a chore. Farmers asked us to solve this issue so we developed an easy to use SMS notifier that lets tells you how your pumps are going, from anywhere, including the lake! More info and what other deadly wastes it solves and why it’s 10 times better here.
Fix What Bugs You
We work with farmers like you to ‘fix what bugs you’.  Our experience lays in electronics, sensors, and cleverness. With your expertise being in knowledge of the land, getting things done and persistence we know you dont have time for tech that suited for you. We make your own work easier freeing you to make even better decisions (preventing the deadly waste of intellect) instead of driving down to the back paddock yet again. We are proud of our partnerships over the years and look forward to applying our experience to fix what bugs you.
Our Proud Work
We are proud to present the projects we have created with our partners. From tracking household energy use to sheep fertility. Triggering cameras with millisecond accuracy to automatically making cocktails. Our wide experience is now focused on helping farmers do useful work, that makes a difference. See our portfolio here
We Improve our clients lives by intelligently applying electronics to automate and reduce repetitive tasks