27 May

Physical Facebook Like Indicator (Real Time!)

Ever wanted to engage your customers in new and unique way? We have built an elegant and simple way to display your stats, be it on your office table or at a store. All it needs is WiFi and power.

Facebook Like Counter

Display your likes in real time real easy

We enjoyed making this product because it blurs the lines between online and the real world. It’s nice to see your Facebook Like actually change something in reality.

For companies and individuals alike

  • Social proof – Show others how popular you already are at a glance
  • Motivation – Notice the change from your last media push

Fancy Burger Adelaide currently has one and we look forward to seeing the number of likes it increased over the last week.

Fancy Burger Like Counter

Fancy Burger Like Counter – Small but visible!

There is a 5 digit version coming soon. Let us know if you are interested and we will let you know when it is out.

It’s available now from our Shop!