22 Dec

Cheap Wifi – The ESP8266

As someone who loves making WiFi enabled projects one of the gotchas is the cost of the WiFi chip! I have used a few different ones, each with their advantages.

  • ElectricImp (~$40) – Closed source, own cloud
  • SparkCore (~$40) – Open source, own cloud.
  • RN-XV WiFly (~$50) – Proprietary, no cloud.

But something else has come on the scene! The ESP8266 is a WiFi module coming in at the low cost of $5! What the! I am sure that at industrial scale $5 or cheaper WiFi chips are standard but from my knowledge this is a bit of a first for the Maker scene. To me this will open up the Internet of Things (IoT) to get past the barrier of cost making devices more pervasive!

ESP8266 WiFi Serial Transceiver Module

The ESP8266 (ESP-01) – Cheap WiFi for Makers

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