We have provided expertise in electronics, control, design and manufacture. Below are some of our previous projects.


Cocktail Machine

Tinker Electric designed the electronics and interactive display for our clients Automatic Cocktail Maker. The Cocktail Maker features an updatable menu of drinks depending on what alcohols are loaded as well as prompting when the drinks are low on supply.

Like Counter

Physical Like CounterFacebook Like Counter at Burger Theory

The Like Counter displays your Facebook Page Likes in real time at your business or office. It involves connecting a display to WiFi and to Cloud services to interact with the Facebook API (back end servers). The update is near instant giving clients the satisfaction of seeing their like add to the total in real time. Electronics and material construction were done by Tinker Electric.

Word Clock

Word Clock - Blue

This unique clock displays the time in words. Each letter is lit up at the appropriate time giving order to the chaos of letters seen. Tinker Electric moved from concept to ready for manufacture on this project. Each letter is an individually addressable LED with micro controller and real time clock to maintain accuracy of the time. Electronic specifications were adhered to, to ensure its compliance with consumer electronic standards.