Remote AgSensor V2

No need to keep going to the back paddock to check on that pump. Be notified of any issues with confidence.

Ensuring your pumps are running, especially in irrigation season is important and checking on them is a waste. What if this could be solved?

  • Driving too far and too long to check on a pump? (excess motion, your time)
  • Employing staff for this simple job when they could be doing more worth while work? (wasting intellect)
  • Up in the middle of the night worrying whether your field is being fully irrigated? (heart ache)


We clever engineers worked with farmers to fix what bugs you.

  • Be notified by a simple SMS when your pump stops
  • Super simple setup, no requirement to be a nerd
  • Multiple sensors with only one SIM plan for the lot
  • Easily allow others to be notified on your behalf
  • Pay for only the months you need coverage (turn it off in the off season)
  • Query your pump at any time


Future Benefits currently being worked:

  • Be notified even if the sensor has lost power
  • Different sensors coming! Including:
    • Water flow – Know if you have sprung a leak!
    • Motion detection – Cattle got out, or someone in the shed late?
  • Improving interface and abilities
  • Activate/Deactivate 3G Billing via SMS


Simple and rugged

  • Simple setup, only 3 wires to connect a pump (power, ground, signal)
  • Rugged inputs built to survive generator power spikes



We are here to support the Agricultural community. Our products are designed to save you time. If you are not satisfied with our products after trying them for the first month we will refund you in full. Simply call us to let us know and we will arrange the details for return.



We build our products to do a job. We extend a 2 year warranty on all parts purchased. If beyond this our product doesn’t perform to your satisfaction we welcome a discussion to see how it can how we can arrange something to your satisfaction.